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The University of Virginia is closely monitoring the emergence of the novel coronavirus, known as COVID-19. We are following the University’s guidance regarding operations on Grounds in Charlottesville, and in our Northern Virginia locations. Stay informed with the latest updates from UVA.
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One Year. While You Work. D.C. Metro

Designed to limit your time away from the office, the program offers a hybrid format of online and in-person learning opportunities in the Washington, D.C., area.
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When You Employ Data, Data Employs You

Top professors from Darden and McIntire deliver a project-oriented curriculum that positions you at the forefront of business analysis.
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Join Our Class

Whether you are new to analytics or already in the field, join other working professionals to gain an in-demand skill set and a career-building network.

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Discover how MSBA student Serena Patel (Class of 2019) began using UVA’s innovative analytics program to enhance her skillset, transform her thinking, and grow her professional network—all within the first few months.
UVA student David Lorenz filled out a bracket and rooted for the Virginia men’s basketball team to win it all in the recent NCAA Tournament. But by applying the machine-learning tools he’s using in UVA’s M.S. in Business Analytics Program, he built a model to predict winners of each tournament game accurate enough to take the $2,000 fourth-place prize in the annual Google Cloud & NCAA Machine Learning Competition.
Students in the M.S. in Business Analytics Program's first class have already applied what they are learning to help rectify a longstanding health benefits issue for sailors who may have been affected by toxic herbicide Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. Their digital tool, which quickly accomplishes what might have taken weeks in the past, comes at a critical time.

UVA’s Master of Science in Business Analytics is offered in partnership by the Darden School of Business and the McIntire School of Commerce and is delivered both online and in-person in UVA Darden’s new facility in Arlington, Virginia, and UVA Main Grounds in Charlottesville, Virginia.