Serena Patel

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"After 3 years of working in technology consulting, specifically in implementation, I knew I was ready to expand my skillset. When I attended the first information session for the MSBA program in June 2018, I thought it was perfect for my current situation and commitments. I was able to still work full-time in the DC area, enhance my skillset and network, and potentially transition into a consulting analytics career, which had initially sparked my interest a few years ago as a UVA undergraduate engineering student.

In addition to learning about data analytics, the professors in this program have expanded my horizons to an array of relevant topics: business fundamentals, communication and leadership skills, and design thinking.

This program has also introduced me to such a down-to-earth and diverse cohort, stemming from a variety of backgrounds and expertise. The participatory nature of the lectures has really helped pull me outside of my comfort zone, stay engaged in conversations, and learn from new insights from my classmates. Overall, I find that my way of thinking has transformed immensely due to the professors, classmates, and MSBA program in just 4 months."


Serena Patel (Class of 2019)
Analytics Consultant, Accenture