Alex Cowan

Darden Professor Alex Cowan
General Faculty, Darden School of Business

Education: Studied Industrial Engineering and Economics at Stanford University

Areas of Expertise: Product design, agile methodologies, lean methodologies, entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship & innovation

Alex Cowan teaches three courses in the area of design and digital innovation: Software Design, Software Development, and Applied Innovation (in Silicon Valley). With Darden, he also created the Coursera specialization 'Agile Development', one of the top 15 specializations on Coursera. His Venture Design framework is widely used by practitioners and instructors as a systematic approach to developing new products and businesses.

Alex divides his time between instructing, advising and consulting. He's delivered workshops to student and professional audiences at venues like General Assembly, The Lean Startup Circle, Startup Weekend, SVPMA, Swissnex, UCSC, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, the UVA iLab and Stanford's Alex currently serves on four corporate boards and as an advisor to multiple startups and 'intrapreneurial' ventures. 

Prior to his time at Darden, Alex has been an entrepreneur (5x) and an intrapreneur (1x). His most recent ventures are Brand Lattice, a brand strategy platform and Leonid Systems, an enterprise software vendor in the cloud communications space.